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Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have survived the year 2020. This new year is especially exciting as it means I have completed my first ever crochet temperature blanket. It was last New Years that I heard about temperature blankets and was so inspired to start one immediately for what felt like would be an iconic year.  There are many ways to do a temperature blanket but this is the way I did mine. I picked the daily high temperature because it is a consistent and exact recorded number. I tried at first to do the average temperature, but that...

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1/1/21 EDIT: The blanket it complete!  https://youtu.be/48EN7D64KxA   Right around the new year crocheters are talking about starting or finishing their "temperature blanket". I just learned what this is and I'm excited to start one for the year 2020.  Everyday for a year, a row is crocheted based on the outside high temperature with whatever color you designated for that temp range. 365 days, 365 rows to finish a big rainbow blanket with a unique and meaningful pattern. I will be using the moss stitch for this project because it is dense and won't be 12 feet long by the time...

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