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Happy Summer Everyone! It was a long quarantine but I stayed busy and sane with lots of crochet projects. I had plenty of time and a bunch of half skeins of different purple yarns, which would be great for a patchwork project. I had never made a dress and I thought a patchwork dress would  be super cute with a top like the halter tops I have been making. It took a while to finish, as most big projects do but it came out so special I decided to keep it for myself. Right when I finally fished the dress, a...

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Howdy Y'all Here's what I've been slowly but diligently creating since September. In preparation for my favorite holiday, I bring you The Crochet Cowgirl, yehaww!  About mid August is when I start contemplating my Halloween Costume. I was having a minor creative block and asked my friend Bai what I could crochet that would be ridiculous and over the top. Her response "ass-less chaps" quickly inspired this entire costume with all the crochet details. Complete with fringe on everything, including ass-less chaps, vest, bandana, hat, and yarn detailed gun.  Half the fun of creating costumes for me is the photoshoot.  I...

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I'm loving the daisy chain motif so much I did a few more variations on the original shirt. I choose to model them with bikini as I think most people will wear this way. But to be honest, I'd be naked underneath, peakaboo style at a festival or Burning Man for sure. Super sexy! I did these versions mono chrome because it's just as cute and easier and quick so I can make them for a better price than the poly chrome versions. Both are available in the shop under crochet:)  

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