Crochet Cowgirl

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Crochet Cowgirl

Howdy Y'all

Here's what I've been slowly but diligently creating since September. In preparation for my favorite holiday, I bring you The Crochet Cowgirl, yehaww! 

About mid August is when I start contemplating my Halloween Costume. I was having a minor creative block and asked my friend Bai what I could crochet that would be ridiculous and over the top. Her response "ass-less chaps" quickly inspired this entire costume with all the crochet details. Complete with fringe on everything, including ass-less chaps, vest, bandana, hat, and yarn detailed gun. 

Half the fun of creating costumes for me is the photoshoot.  I love photography and setting up a shoot with a tripod and self timer to fully capture my vision is essential to conveying the concept and documenting my work. 

Enjoy this treat Ya'll,

Happy Halloween!



cowgirl costumecowgirl costume

cowgirl costume handmade

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  • Robin Short

    We need to get you a remote for your shutter!
    Great creation

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