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Halloween 2020 is here! And no virus is getting in the way of me making another costume and dressing up on the one day it is socially acceptable. I start planning my costume months in advance, because I make it from scratch and it takes a lot of time. You could say I've been brainstorming this one for years, but felt like this year especially was the right one for the red cape because whatever I end up doing will surely be outside in the cold since indoor gatherings have been off limits pretty much all year.  Little red riding hood, a...

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My little mutt Rocko got a new halloween costume this year.  Introducing the B(rocco)li sweater!   This food motived dog will eat anything, even raw broccoli and thus inspiring this costume. It was crocheted in freeform style, meaning I completely winged it and there is no pattern. It's a one of a kind art piece and Rocky loves it.  He has been slowly loosing his fur over the years and he needs a sweater to stay warm in the cold months.  It's not his first food costume either, here are a few of his handmade halloween costumes from over the years:  ...

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