The 2020 Temperature Blanket Six Month Update

The 2020 Temperature Blanket Six Month Update

Happy July! We are officially six months into 2020 and that means I'm half way done with this crochet temperature blanket as well.  A temperature blanket is a blanket that records the daily high temperatures in a given location for every day of the year. So everyday I record the high temp, and crochet a row in the color corresponding to that temperature range.

It's been a fun project to work on and exciting to watch the colors unfold without having to make creative decisions all the time. A temperature blanket can be done many ways but here are some more details on how I did mine:


Moss stitch, Size 4mm hook

365 rows when finished, 260 stitches across. I thought this would be wide enough for a queen but it ended up being a little short. I would probably just do the next one 365x365 because that would be neat, but also huge! maybe 300 stitch across is best for a Queen size. 

I've posted a video on youtube that goes into more depth here :

Here are some of the progress shots...



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