How to spot AI crochet

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How to spot AI crochet

Did you know AI crochet is all over the internet now? 

Do you know how to tell when an image is AI or real? 

Here are a set of clues to identify ai crochet imagery. It applies to other types of ai imagery as well. 

1. Are you already questioning if an image is ai or not? 

2. Does something feel "off" about the photo?

3. The crochet project will look too perfect, or impossible.

4.The photo itself and the lighting will be unnaturally perfect.

5. Look closely at the stitches. Do you recognize any real stitches? Does the image

look highly defined, yet also a little blurred and unclear when zooming in?

6. Is there a person in the photo? Is there any skin in the photo? Zoom in on skin. 

AI skin is very airbrushed. The entire photo will look air brushed but skin, faces, and hands tend to be dead giveaways. 

7. Is there a grandma in the photo? These are going viral...

8. Is there anything else in the photo that perhaps shouldn't be there? Look at other things happening in the photo for clues its fake. 

The AI imagery is only getting better. When the photos itself looks really real, there will still be other clues if its ai:

9. Who posted the photo? Did a person post it as their own work? Or did a page post it? What is a suggested page? 

10. Read the caption. Does it say AI? What is the wording like? Is there any mention of an artist or maker? Does it say some crap like "Credit to artisan"  and then not mention said "artisan"?

11. Read the comments on the post or photo. Are people commenting that it is ai? 

12. Are people commenting asking for the pattern or designer and not getting a response? Surely if someone were to create a pattern or project so unbelievable they would want credit? Why go so far as to make a masterpiece, post it, and then leave the people with nothing... because nothing else exists besides the ai image. 


Once you start to recognize this imagery, you will notice it more. Not just crochet either, it's everywhere and it's getting smarter. There is a certain look, an airbrushed, filtered, clean look overall that is just a little too off. 

You can block or unfollow or just keep scrolling by.  I see so many people, even crocheters being fooled by this ai imagery I felt inspired to make this post. 

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