Fairy Candy DE Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

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Have you ever wanted temporary dreads? Or maybe some fun accessories to add into your hair? Dread lock extensions are great for festivals, costumes, or just trying out a new look and you can install them yourself. You can get either a few dreads for a fun addition to you regular hair, a half set for volume and style, or a full set for a total makeover. Temporary for up to 3 weeks, or could be a permanent extension if left in, as your natural hair will start to lock with the extension. The dreads are double ended (DE) meaning one piece is two dreads folded in half. The half set of 25 is 50 dreads when installed. The install is fairly easy, you just braid the extensions into you own hair. There are lots of youtube videos on how to do this! Please message me if you have an idea for a custom set of dreads! *Please allow 7-10 days for full set orders*