Cherry Oak, Set of DE Synthetic Dreadlock Extension

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Have you ever wanted dreads but wanted to try them on first? Are you looking to extent your hair or add some volume to the hair you have now? Dread lock extensions are great for trying out a new look and you can install them yourself. Temporary for up to 3 weeks, or could be a permanent extension if left in as your natural hair will start to lock with the extension. You will receive a custom set of this "Cherry Oak" color blend with a variety of wood and stone beads. Every set will be slightly different and unique and customizable upon request. About 24" in length. 100% synthetic. You can choose from; Peakaboo Set- 10 DE dreads, which is 20 dreads installed Half Set- 25 DE Dreads, (50 dreads) Full Set- 40 DE Dreads (80 Dreads)